Nonwoven Bags

Nonwoen Bags

Printed and Unprined


        Printed and unprinted Nonwoven bags can be produced in desired sizes and dimensions. In production, it is used for multi-purpose purposes in many sectors in a wide perspective, as a durable, advertising and promotion, packaging, protection and storage bag for pizza, cake, dessert, bags, which fall into the Nonwoven-printed bag group.


*Color: can be produced in various colors

*Printing: All lengths and sizes can be made with the same 4-color offset printing on the front and back, as well as company-specific printing.

*Width: 34 cm / Length: 37 cm / Bellows: 33 cm

*Nonwoven bags can be made in any desired handle and color.


​Produced with ultrasonic welding technique, environmentally friendly hygienic nonwoven bags and bags are 100% recyclable.

Since they can be used over and over again and are quite durable, they are environmentally friendly products.
It is used for advertising and promotion purposes with its economical cost.