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Salad Bowls 

Kraft and Bristol

Printed - Unprinted 



         Pet and PP lids suitable for cardboard bowls and cups are produced and supplied in our product range.


          Flexo and offset printing is done for our customers by making the desired colors and designs on paper packaging products.

Paper Cups


      Eco-Friendly: They are more eco-friendly compared to plastic cups. They are recyclable and biodegradable.


     They are used to serve hot and cold drinks in cafes and restaurants.

In offices Drink tea, coffee and other hot drinks.

At events fairs, festivals and other events .

They are used for hot and cold drinks at home.


     Paper cups are a more environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to plastic cups. Therefore, it is preferred by many people and organizations.

Kraft Paper Boxes


         Kraft cartons are the preferred packaging type to prevent damage to the transported products. Since these boxes are usually made of corrugated cardboard material, they are quite durable. Boxes are used in a wide variety of applications. Boxes with different functions are used in many areas, from household packaging products to industrial needs. Additionally, these types of boxes provide better protection for products during transportation and storage than other packaging solutions. For this reason, it is frequently preferred during product transportation and storage.

         Provides excellent protection. Apart from this, kraft paper has proven to be an excellent packaging material for handmade items, fruits and vegetables, gifts and many more items.

Special Products



Apart from our standard products, specially designed and printed products are made according to customer demands and needs...