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       We manufacture and supply our thermoformed APET / PET / PP / PS films (Sheets) in high quality to meet special needs and requirements.


       Our APET / PET / PP / PS films (Sheets) are used in a wide variety of applications, including food and non-food packaging, vacuum forming and boxes. APET / PET / PP / PS film / sheet ready meals, pasta boxes, sandwich packaging, sausage and salami containers It is an ideal packaging material for beverage pet cups and other foodstuffs.


       Special production is made according to the sample plates of our customers.


APET is 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. APET (Amorphous-polyethylene

terephthalate) is a thermal plastic and is part of the polyester product family.

Pet sheet/Films... 


1. **Polypropylene (PP) Foil Sheet (Pp Foil Sheet)**:
    - Usage areas

        - Pharmaceutical and Medical Industries: Tablets, medical waste, medical devices for diagnosis and surgery.
         - Consumer Goods: Toothbrushes, razors, battery cells.
         - Personal Hygiene Products: Disposable rigid bags for hair oils, shampoos currently using flexible packaging.
         - Processed Foods: Sauces, pickles, butter, etc. used in the catering industry. one-piece packaging.
         - Fast Foods and Takeaway/Beverage Industry: Salads, fruit, sandwiches, ice cream parlor cups, desserts, baked goods, tea, coffee and beverage cups.
         - Prepackaged Retail Foods and Confectionery: Chocolate and biscuit trays, nuts, dried fruits, fruit boxes, ice cream, butter, cups, etc.
         - Technical Packaging: Packaging of electronic goods, carrying Thermoform Films and trays.
         - Fabricated Packaging: Shirts, ties, etc. packaging of clothing products.
         - Usage Sectors: Furniture, advertising, white goods, automotive, stationery, food.

    - General features 

         - It has very good resistance to fatigue.
         - It has a low coefficient of friction and provides very good electrical insulation.
         - Suitable for all thermoplastic processing processes.
         - The melting temperature is around 160 degrees Celsius.
         - It is low cost.
         - It has good impact resistance.
         - It has good chemical resistance.
         - Transparent and colorful production is made.
         - Dimensions
         - Thickness: 0.15 - 1 mm
         - Width: 850 mm

2. **PET Sheet
    - Usage areas

        - Plastic packaging, bottles, textiles and many industrial applications.
     - **General features**:
         - Solid, flat sheet form.
         - It can be transparent or opaque.
         - Provides chemical resistance, durability and excellent formability.


3. **PET-G Sheet

    - **General features**:
         - Known as polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PET-G).
         - Provides important chemical resistance, durability and excellent formability for manufacturing.