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      Pet and PP lids suitable for cardboard bowls and cups are produced and supplied in our product range.

      Flexo and offset printing is done for our customers by making the desired colors and designs on paper packaging products.


      We provide expert supply service by responding to customer needs quickly and reliably, aiming to produce and develop food packaging products.

What are Kraft Salad Bowls?

Kraft salad bowls are disposable salad containers made from recyclable kraft cardboard.


They are generally used for cold foods, but some are also suitable for hot foods.


Some features of kraft salad bowls:


Natural and sustainable: Kraft cardboard is a recyclable and biodegradable material. Therefore, it is more environmentally friendly compared to plastic salad containers.
Stylish and modern appearance: Kraft salad bowls have a stylish and modern appearance with their natural brown color. For this reason, they are often preferred by restaurants and cafes.

Sturdy and durable: Kraft salad bowls are sturdy and durable. Therefore, you can transport and serve your salad safely.
Different sizes: Kraft salad bowls are produced in different sizes. Therefore, you can choose the size that best suits your needs.
Leak-proof: Kraft salad bowls are generally leak-proof. Therefore, you can carry the salad without it spilling.


Usage areas of kraft salad bowls:


Restaurants and cafes: Kraft salad bowls are often used by restaurants and cafes for takeaway and presentation.
At home: Kraft salad bowls can be used to serve salads and other cold foods at home.
Picnics and parties: Kraft salad bowls can be used to serve salads and other foods at picnics and parties.